Our brands

Products are made in a factory but brands are created in the mind

Decorum is the premium brand of Dutch floriculture. And has been since 1999. What once started out as a dream among ambitious growers, has grown into a strong B2B brand that is unparalleled. Over 120 million euros of Decorum products are sold from professionals to professionals, connoisseurs and enthusiasts each year. Thanks to recognisable branding and strict quality requirements, the buyer knows one thing for sure: I am buying the best. Decorum products meet high sustainability requirements. All Decorum growers are in possession of the MPS or GLOBAL GAP environmental certificate.

Feel Green

Feel Green is the sustainability label of the Decorum group. Decorum growers who anticipate developments in sustainability also carry the Feel Green brand. These growers have an environmental certificate, a social certificate and the products are Product Proof. In other words, the products are regularly tested for pesticide use (and pass this test with flying colours). Feel Green literally takes planet, people and profit into account. For more information visit www.feelgreenplants.com.


Scenza is the second brand of the Decorum group. Scenza refers to 19th-century impressionist art. The time of Monet, Manet and Renoir. Their love for the natural product, in all its auto-density, is honoured in the appearance of Scenza. Scenza is A1 quality, but just a tiny bit lighter than Decorum. The same DNA and love of the grower combined in slightly shorter lengths, smaller flowers and less thick plants. But with the same lifespan and powerful appearance. Visit www.scenzaflowers.com or www.scenzaplants.com for more information.


Decorum offers its fragrant products in a beautiful concept called Perfium. Appealing to the consumer, recognizable for the trade. With beautiful orchids as an eyecatcher, bred by Sion and produced by Duijnhove. An orchid that smells powerful in the morning and seduces the consumer with fresh tones of vanilla and soft fruit. And only available at Decorum quality level. 

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