Plants look after us if we look after them

Product information

A sturdy succulent that can take a beating is the Echeveria. The fleshy, rosette-shaped leaves come in beautiful basic shades from grey-green to lilac. This makes it the finishing touch to any interior! It is also a very clever plant and has adapted to its homeland of Mexico. This is where the Echeveria was discovered in the 19th century by Antansio Echeveria, to whom the plant owes its name. During the growing season, they store water and a powdery layer protects them against fierce sunshine. Its tough character stands for perseverance. A nice gesture for someone who is strong! Growers of this product: Nederpel Succulenten and Winco Holland.

Care tips

  • Sunny spot or semi-shade
  • Temperature in winter 5° to 10°
  • Let the potting soil dry out before watering
  • Do not water directly onto the leaves
  • Water sparingly in the winter
  • Repot once every 3 years
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