Plants look after us if we look after them

Product information

The Aloe, who doesn't know it? It is extremely popular because of the healing effects of its juice. The grey-green leaves with their serrated edge are an integral part of any trendy interior. Did you know that there are about 320 different Aloe sisters! The healing substances of the Aloe are the result of its self-sufficient character as a desert plant. Cleopatra already used its juice and Columbus also treated his men with it. You can easily make your own Aloe vera gel from the cooling, gel-like liquid. Nice to know is that an Aloe only reaches its full healing power when it is 5(!) years old. In addition, the plant keeps the air in the house clean and has the convenience of any succulent. So, ideal for the forgetful caretaker. Growers of this product: Nederpel Succulenten and Winco Holland.

Care tips

  • Position from direct sunlight to partial shade
  • If the plant has at least 12 leaves, you can cut off one of the lower leaves
  • In winter preferably without water
  • Let the potting soil dry out before watering
  • Repot every 2 years
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