Plants look after us if we look after them

Product information

Common names for this green plant are arrowhead or goosefoot. A nice detail of these leaves is that they change slightly as the syngonium ages. The plant has an air-purifying effect and is available in many different shapes and sizes. Growers of this product: JoGrow, Richplant & J & P. Ten Have.

Care tips

  • Water about 1 or 2 times a week. Do not put the plant with its roots in a layer of water, as it can be fatal. You can water less in the winter months.
  • To keep the leaves beautiful and shiny, regular spraying (with low-limescale water) is recommended.
  • The plant is poisonous. So be careful with pets and children.
  • Avoid drafts
  • Syngonium prefers a bright spot but where the sun does not shine directly on the leaf.
  • Ideally, the syngonium stays in 18+ degrees.
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