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Product information

For many people the Schlumbergera only has one name; the Christmas cactus. It is in fact a succulent, but one which blooms beautifully. At the low point in the year when the days are at their shortest, this plant feels at its best and will put on a beautiful display of red, white, pink or orange flowers. Hence the ‘Christmas’ in the name. The Schlumbergera originates in Brazil, where it ekes out a modest living on tree trunks. The Christmas cactus will also be a fuss-free, modest guest in your house, except that it will become attached to a certain spot. So try not to shunt it around if possible, otherwise it may drop its buds in protest. One of the Schlumbergera’s best features is that If you look after it properly you will enjoy its charms for many years to come! Grower of this product: Hofland Flowering Plants.

Care tips

  • Good light, but no bright sunlight.
  • Keep damp, compost must not dry out.
  • Apply fertiliser once a month.
  • Remove dead heads of flowers.
  • Flowers several times a year.
  • Perennial plant.
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