Plants look after us if we look after them

Product information

In the higher regions of Taiwan it is known as a tree; but to us it is a houseplant. It is also sometimes called the ‘finger plant’ due to the hand shape of the leaves. Schefflera is an easy guest: cold or warm, plenty or little light, anything goes really. It does have a secret pleasure though, it will repay you if you take a few moments out to dust off its leaves from time to time. You can even put this plant under the shower! Growers of this product: JoGrow & Persoon Potplanten.

Care tips

  • Suitable for dark positions.
  • Ideal temperature 18 - 22 ºC.
  • Keep damp, compost must not dry out.
  • Water in the saucer/decorative pot.
  • Apply fertiliser once a month.
  • Requires little attention.
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