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Product information

Peperomia comes in many varieties, sizes and colours, from green to pink. The plants have great decorative value thanks to the shape and colouring of the leaves, which can be small and luxuriant, long and pointy or robust, in full bush shape. Some Peperomias flower with sturdy green spikes that stand up proudly like cheerful tails, while others mainly offer fabulous foliage. The structure of that foliage is nicely layered, so that the plant looks full and lively. One unique aspect of Peperomia is that all that their foliage purifies the air, according to NASA research. The supplementary Wolverton’s Clean Air study shows that Peperomia reduces the level of formaldehyde indoors by 47% and that’s good to know because a significant portion of indoor air is made up of the substance. Grower of this product: Hillplant.

Care tips

  • The plant prefers a light spot, but not in direct sunlight.
  • Do not allow the soil to dry out completely, and do not water on the leaves, but onto the soil. Avoid standing water.
  • Give it some plant food every month.
  • Peperomia cannot cope with cold, so do not allow the temperature to fall below 13°C.
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