Plants look after us if we look after them

Product information

The Pachira Aquatica, also called Money Plant is your new best friend! This low maintenance plant only needs a big splash of water once every few weeks (about every 3 weeks). Only water the plant when the soil feels dry. Fun fact: the plant stores the water in the stem. Are you still looking for gift inspiration for a housewarming or a birthday? In the Far East it is believed that the leaves of the Money Tree can catch money, a cool gift to give away! Grower of this product: Richplant.

Care tips

  • Do not place the plant in direct sunlight.
  • Give the plant a good splash of water once every three weeks.
  • The Pachira loves to be sprayed with the plant sprayer once in a while.
  • Plant the plant once every two years in a larger pot.
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