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Product information

The Iris is a versatile plant with brightly coloured, striking flowers. In addition to the familiar, intense blue and white colours, the plant comes in many other colours as well. The Iris has a long history, it was first spotted in the time of Pharaoh Thutmose in 1504 BC. In Egypt, the Iris is a symbol of power and victory and the flower can be found in wall reliefs and sceptres. Over the years, the plant's triple flowers have inspired many eras, artists and religions. Bring the Iris plant into your home and be inspired too! Swaying in the wind, they will stand out from the other plants in your garden. Grower of this product is: HL Hogervorst.

Care tips

  • Favourite plant for indoors and outdoors.
  • Keep damp, compost must not dry out.
  • Ideal temperature 0 - 22 °C.
  • Light, sunny spot.
  • Perennial plant.
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