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Product information

Create a colourful sea of flowers in your garden Massive choice and easy to care for: this classic creates that amazing summer feeling in your garden or on your balcony in an instant. Striped, spotted, with graduated colour, a white edge or delicate markings and plain from snow white to crimson, deep indigo and almost black. Petunia offers it all, in single and double flowers. The plant blooms with a constant stream of new flowers from May until the frost arrives. 'Summer’s jewels’ as they used to be called can be planted in the soil, but the most popular use of Petunias is in hanging baskets, planters and pots, where the plants can cascade a long way over the edge. Grower of this product: Hofland Flowering Plants.

Care tips

  • Petunias like to be out of the wind in full sun.
  • Keep the soil damp – water every day on sunny days, but ensure drainage in pots and hanging baskets to avoid wet feet.
  • Be sparing with the plant food: it encourages the formation of leaves and not flowers.
  • Remove wilted flowers stem and all.
  • If your Petunia is past its best, cut it back and the flowers will return in force.
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