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Product information

There are two main varieties of begonia: the flowering begonia and the Begonia Rex. The former produces flowers in red, pink, orange, white and yellow or multi-coloured, while the latter grows only velvety leaves. However, this by no means makes it the lesser of the two. The leaves grow in patterns of silver, pink, burgundy and varioius shades of green. When the light shines from different angles, the leaf patterns take on different qualities. In this way, the Begonia Rex always has something new to offer. Grower of this product: J. & P. Ten Have.

Care tips

  • Begonia needs lots of light but doesn’t like full sun.
  • Water at least twice a week so the soil stays damp.
  • Don’t spray the plant as it can cause mildew.
  • Remove the dead flowers to encourage new growth.
  • Feed it once a week.
  • Place your Begonia in a room temperature of around 18° C.
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