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Product information

Originally from South East Asia, the Aeschynanthus is considered one of nature’s most beautiful trailing plants. The name literally means ‘flower of shame’, as it keeps its flowers hidden for so long. However, once they eventually do make an appearance, they are a stunning shade of red. Various types of Aeschynanthus exist. Each is slightly different, but what they all have in common is that they are grown with passion by our grower Hillplant. Hillplant is the specialist in hanging plants and even features its very own collection of 'Hillhangers'. Our grower Chris van den Heuvel offers some sound advice for caring for the Aeschynanthus: “Only use lukewarm water when watering the plant, to avoid marking the leaves.” Enjoy the exceptional beauty of this wonderful hanging plant!

Care tips

  • Suitable for anywhere in the house.
  • Suitable as both hanging and climbing plant.
  • Good light, but no bright sunlight.
  • Ideal temperature 15-21 ºC.
  • Keep damp, compost must not dry out.
  • Apply fertiliser twice a month.
  • Do not spray.
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